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Andrea C.Scott

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How It All Began...

As a community leader and educator, I have seen so many disparities in the marketplace, as well as the educational system.Twelve years ago, I asked myself the question, " how can I better assist families and communities, empowering them for success? This is how A.B.C. Educational Services was birthed...


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Abstract Background

Andrea C. Scott is one of the best tutors in CO. She is very cost efficient and organized. You will never feel like you are not getting the results for your money. She gives updates and homework to the children and sometimes parents :). She builds your child's confidence and knowledge in whatever area they are struggling in. She prepares them for their future. She has helped both of my children in a great way! She became family. I love and appreciate all she has done.

- Alicia W. , parent

Abstract Background

We just can't express how much of a " Treasure" it was to find Ms. Andrea. When I came across Ms. Andrea and learned about her services, I really wasn't too sure of what to expect of her and with our unique situation, as well as the desired achievement that we were looking for, we had never used any kind of educational outsource outside of the traditional classrooms that we had been accustomed to. When my wife and I had met Ms. Andrea, within seconds we had immediately gave each other the " LOOK", the look of "HOW LUCKY DID WE GET FINDING HER". Between her super giggly, warm personality, mixed with let's get the job done professionalism and then surprised by all of her credentials, that we didn't even know about, we knew we got lucky!

Scott and Yvonne G., parents

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